Assistant professor, APS rising star, and some papers

Three brief personal updates.

After living in 6 countries in the last 12 years; after affairs and short relationships with Ludwig Maximilian’s University Munich, Free University Berlin, University of Michigan, Arizona State University, University of Leuven, and University of Amsterdam; and after 3 years as a very happy postdoc … I thought I should start looking into a bit of a more stable relationship. And am happy to announce that I found Leiden University, where I accepted my first faculty position as Assistant Professor in the Clinical Psychology Department a few weeks ago. Pew pew!

I also found out shortly after Christmas that the Association of Psychological Science awarded me the APS Rising Star award “for outstanding psychological scientists in the earliest stages of their research careers post-PhD”. I’m extremely humbled to be on the same list as many amazing researchers I’ve been looking up to for years, such as Aaron Fisher and Rogier Kievit. You can find a list of all honorees here … let’s work together to make psychology a more open, critical, rigorous, and thoughtful science.

Thank you …

Finally, I haven’t done a good job updating the blog regularly for new papers, but I recently wrote a summary of 2017 that covers the papers we published last year.

I’d like to use the opportunity to thank everybody who helped me along the way, and also to acknowledge how much luck, privilege, and support I had in my scientific career up to this stage; things would look very different otherwise.

Let me conclude with this piece of advice that Corrine McConnaughy‏ shared yesterday:

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