Network analysis workshops

Here you find more information on our network analysis workshops. I gave these workshops either alone or together with my brilliant colleagues Marie Deserno, Jonas Dalege, Sacha Epskamp, and Maarten de Schryver.

This photo is from the September 2017 workshop in Madrid.

Download all workshop materials for free

We have made all workshops materials of the latest 3-day workshop freely available. The workshop covers an R introduction, network estimation, network inference, and network accuracy for between-subjects cross-sectional networks and within-subjects time-series networks. The last update of the slides was March 2017. If you or your group / Department / University are interested in a workshop, please do not hesitate to contact me and we can get in touch about the details. I am also happy to send you anonymized versions of prior evaluations that were all very positive.

All workshop materials are freely available on the Open Science Framework; if you want, you can cite the workshop with the DOI 10.17605/OSF.IO/XCBFF.

Overview of previous workshops

  • 2016/05: 2-day workshop, Harvard University & McLean Hospital, Cambridge (reference) (Eiko, Marie, Sacha)
  • 2016/06: 2-day workshop, University of Washington, St Louis (reference) (Eiko, Marie, Sacha)
  • 2016/07: 1-day workshop, Ulster University, Ireland (reference) (Eiko)
  • 2016/11: 1-day workshop, University of Utrecht (reference) (Eiko, Sacha)
  • 2016/11: 1-day workshop, University of Brussels (reference) (Eiko)
  • 2017/01: 3-day workshop, University of Gent (reference) (Eiko, Maarten & Sacha)
  • 2017/02: 2-day workshop, Experimental Psychopathology meeting (reference) (Eiko & Jonas)
  • 2017/09: 2-day workshop, University of Southern Denmark (reference) (Eiko)
  • 2017/09: 2-day workshop, Madrid University (reference) (Eiko) [most recent slides]

Summer and winter schools

Please also note that in addition to these workshops, our Psychosystems group in Amsterdam has organized three network analysis summer/winter schools that were very well received (organizers: Marie Deserno, Jonas Dalege, Adela Isvoranu, and Sacha Epskamp). We put the slides of our most recent summer school held in September 2017 here.