I am an Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology at Leiden University, after working at / visiting the University of Amsterdam, University of Leuven, the University of Michigan, Arizona State University, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Free University of Berlin. My core disciplines are clinical psychology and methodology, and occasionally dabble in in psychiatry, epidemiology, and philosophy of science. I run Eiko-Fried.com and Psych-Networks.com, and here is my CV.

The four big questions I have been thinking about in the last decade are how to best understand, measure, model, and classify mental health problems. My research conceptualizes mental health or illness as emergent properties that arise from complex, dynamical, biopsychosocial systems, rather than as clear-cut categories with simple causes. I hope that understanding these emergent properties as systems will provide ways forward for all four of my research interests. Besides that, I am interested in improving cumulative psychological science through open science practices.

For an introduction of what I am up to, and why I think it matters, I recommend the short interview I gave after winning the Janet Taylor Spence award for transformative early career contributions in 2021 (written response, podcast). Another good overview is provided in the incredibly kind profile that Lancet Psychiatry published about me in 2019. And if you have too much time on your hand, Benjamin Kuper-Smith interviewed me for his podcast in 2021.

When I am not working, I enjoy taking and post-processing photographs, traveling, singing, cooking, reading, and boardgames / computer games / roleplaying games.