Network analysis workshops

Here you find more information and free materials regarding our network analysis workshops; this photo is from the September 2017 workshop in Madrid, after 2 very hot days of stats. Who knew programming and psychometrics could be that much fun? ;)


Here are the previous workshops I gave (often together with colleagues); check out the most recent ones for the most up-to-date materials.

  • 2017/12: 2-hour webinar, Transcontinental Computational Psychiatry Workgroup (materials & video)
  • 2017/12: 2-hour webinar, Mental Health Statistics Section of the American Statistical Association (materials)
  • 2017/11: 3-hour workshop, VGCT Eindhoven (materials)
  • 2017/09: 2-day workshop, University of Southern Denmark (materials)
  • 2017/09: 2-day workshop, Madrid University (materials)
  • 2017/02: 2-day workshop, Experimental Psychopathology meeting (with Jonas Dalege)
  • 2017/01: 3-day workshop, University of Gent (with Maarten de Schryver & Sacha Epskamp)
  • 2016/11: 1-day workshop, University of Brussels
  • 2016/11: 1-day workshop, University of Utrecht (with Sacha Epksamp)
  • 2016/07: 1-day workshop, Ulster University, Ireland
  • 2016/06: 2-day workshop, University of Washington, St Louis (with Marie Deserno & Sacha Epskamp)
  • 2016/05: 2-day workshop, Harvard University & McLean Hospital, Cambridge (with Marie Deserno & Sacha Epskamp)

Additional materials

The 5-day network analysis summer school in Amsterdam 2017 contains a week of useful materials.