Video: Lecture on Symptomics in Psychiatry

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I spent the last 2 weeks in Tempe, Arizona, working with the brilliant Randolph Nesse and his lab at the Center of Evolution and Medicine at Arizona State University.

During my stay, I was invited to give a lecture on Symptomics, a new research framework we recently developed to tackle challenges psychiatry has been struggling with for decades (e.g., lack of biomarkers, lack of treatment response, and nosological uncertainty).

In the talk that is focused on Major Depression, I briefly summarize these problems, and show (presenting the work we did in the last 2 years) that symptom-based analyses and network analyses provide novel insights into the mechanisms underlying psychopathology. Most importantly, I was able to sneak in a lot of cute animated gifs into the presentation ;) …

You can find a video below. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

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