APS 2017

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You can find my 2 talks here:

  • May 26th: Replicability and generalizability of PTSD networks: a cross-cultural multisite study of PTSD symptoms in four samples of trauma patients (slides)
  • May 28th: Regularized partial correlation networks for modeling psychopathology data: strengths, limitations, and future directions (slides)

You can find all slides from the 3 symposia I participated in here:

  • May 26th: “New Developments in Network Analysis of Mental Disorders”. Slides from Payton Jones, Claudia van Borkulo, Alexander Heeren, Don Robinaugh, and Eiko Fried (slides coming up June 1st)
  • May 28th: “Cross-sectional and time-series network models for psychopathology: an overview of challenges and future directions”. Slides from Eiko Fried, Noémi Schuurman, Jolanda Kossakowski, and Jonas Haslbeck (download)
  • May 28th: “From the Brain to Emotions: Modeling Dynamics for a Better Understanding of Psychopathology”. Slides from Aaron Fisher, Jolanda Kossakowski, John Medaglia, and Claudia van Borkulo (download)