This section contains the sub-selection of papers in which we either published original raw data, or that are completely reproducible due to open data. Credit goes to the relevant teams and labs, our group here only collected a small minority of the data.

  • Fried, Papanikolaou & Epskamp (2021). Mental Health and Social Contact During the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Ecological Momentary Assessment Study. Clinical Psychological Science. PDF, Data.
  • Specker, Fried, Rosenberg, & Leder (2021). Associating With Art: A Network Model of Aesthetic Effects. Collabra: Psychology. PDF, Data.
  • Vervaet, Puttevils, Hoekstra, Fried & Vanderhasselt (2020). Transdiagnostic vulnerability factors in eating disorders: A network analysis. European Eating Disorders Review. Data.
  • Faelens et al. (2019). Negative influences of Facebook use through the lens of network analysis. Computers in Human Behavior. PDF, Data.
  • Briganti, Fried & Linkowski (2018). Network analysis of Contingencies of Self-Worth Scale in 680 university students. Psychiatry Research.
    PDF, Data.
  • Aalbers et al. (2018). Social Media and Depression Symptoms: A Network Perspective. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General. PDF, Data.
  • Briganti et al. (2018). Network analysis of empathy items from the Interpersonal Reactivity Index in 1973 young adults. Psychiatry Research. PDF, Data.
  • Santos et al. (2018). Longitudinal network structure of depression symptoms and self-efficacy in low- income mothers. PLoS ONE. PDF, Data.
  • Epskamp & Fried (2018). A Tutorial on Regularized Partial Correlation Networks. Psychological Methods. PDF, Data.
  • von Stockert et al. (2018). Evaluating the stability of DSM-5 PTSD symptom network structure in a national sample of U.S. military veterans. Journal of Affective Disorders. PDF, Data.
  • Haslbeck & Fried (2017). How Predictable are Symptoms in Psychopathological Networks? A Reanalysis of 18 Published Datasets. Psychological Medicine. PDF, Data.
  • Armour, Fried* et al. (2017). A Network Analysis of DSM-5 posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms and correlates in U.S. military veterans. Journal of Anxiety Disorders. PDF, Data.
  • Epskamp, Borsboom & Fried (2017). Estimating psychological networks and their accuracy: a tutorial paper. Behavioral Research Methods. PDF, Data.
  • Fried et al. (2015). From Loss to Loneliness: The Relationship Between Bereavement and Depressive Symptoms. Journal of Abnormal Psychology. PDF, SM, Data.

Generally, openpsychometrics has dozens of psychometric datasets with tens of thousands of observations; the focus is on personality tests but other constructs like depression are also measured in some of the data. And I haven’t looked into this Github repository in detail, but it appears to have a large collection of open mental health data, with a focus on social media use.