Talks, workshops & videos

This page lists talks, workshops, videos, and podcasts.

1. Lectures

You can find all my major talks and keynotes on the Open Science Framework.

2. Videos

You can find videos — both keynotes about my work as well as educational materials — on my YouTube channel. Small selection:

  • 2024 › Psychedelic treatments for mental health problems: promises and pitfalls
    (45 minutes, Youtube)
  • 2023 › Keynote “Using network models and theories to understand, predict, and treat mental health problems”, Small is Beautiful conference (45 minutes, Youtube).
  • 2022 › Talk “WARN-D: developing a personalized early warning system for depression”, Stanford Center for Precision Mental Health and Wellness (45 minutes, Youtube).
  • 2021 › Keynote “Mental health: studying systems instead of syndromes”, Transdiagnostic Approaches to Mental Health conference (45 minutes, YouTube).
  • 2021 › Talk “Using network models to understand, predict, & treat mental disorders”, Trinity College Dublin (45 minutes, YouTube).
  • 2020 › Talk “Measurement matters: challenges to assessing mental health problems pose a substantial barrier to clinical progress”, Future of Mental Health symposium (25 minutes, YouTube).
  • 2020 › Talk “Lack of theory building and testing impedes progress in the factor and network literature” (45 minutes, YouTube).
  • 2019 › Talk “Depression is a problematic phenotype: Studying symptoms over syndromes”, NIHR Maudsley Biomedical Research Centre / King’s College London (35 minutes, YouTube)

3. Workshops

I had the privilege to teach quite a few workshops in the last years. For an overview, see my CV. All materials are online on my OSF page, including workshops on Network Analysis, Questionable Measurement Practices (with Jessica Flake), and Improving Psychological Science by Formalizing Psychological Theories (with Don Robinaugh).

4. Podcast