APS 2018

I will update this in the next days to feature all APS talks & also slides from symposia I was involved in.

Measurement Schmeasurement: How poor measurement practices threaten cumulative psychological science

From description to intervention: Can network models based on ambulatory assessments provide novel treatment targets?

These (and many more network) slides can be found here.

  • Oisín Ryan: Centrality and Interventions in Continuous-Time Dynamical Networks
  • Charlotte Vrijen: Personalized interventions based on experience sampling can effectively improve pleasure  
  • Tim Kaiser: Predicting treatment outcome via real-time monitoring of psychotherapeutic processes
  • Yoram Kunkels: Time to get personal? The impact of researchers’ choices in clinical person-centered analyses


  1. Powerpoint instead of PDF because otherwise the gifs don’t work. Needs Helvetica Neue font type to look pretty … sorry, from now on it’s open sans!