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A checklist to vet psychedelic science

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As result of a commentary we wrote, Jama Psychiatry recently published a correction of a serious error in a 2023 paper on treating bipolar depression with psilocybin (together with Ioana Cristea and Florian Naudet). This correction included correcting the title of the paper itself. In this blog, I’ll very briefly discuss the core issue in… Read more »

2022 psilocybin Nature Medicine study remains uncorrected

I just saw that the Daws et al. 2022 paper that was heavily discussed in 2022 and 2023 is still online, and Nature Medicine neither published criticism that has been raised, nor did they publish an expression of concern or correction. I originally came across the paper when one of the authors wrote about it… Read more »

Treating depression with psychedelics: red flags and FAQ

Update, 02/2024: We have now published the paper “History repeating: guidelines to address common problems in psychedelic science” on this topic, in part based on this blog post. We introduces 10 pressing challenges that limit conclusions regarding safety and efficacy. We share a checklist that researchers, journalists, funders, policymakers, and other stakeholders can use to… Read more »