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Antidotes to cynicism creep in academia

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This is one of these blog posts that doesn’t read well if you stop halfway. First, I provide evidence that academia can look pretty broken: there is low-quality work everywhere you look, the peer-review system has long outlived its utility, and academic publishing is a dumpster fire. Add considerable work pressure, the publish-or-perish culture, and… Read more »

Academia: trapped in the upside down of publishing

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TL;DR: this post explains the basics of academic publishing; highlights several severe problems; discusses the recent activities of the American Psychology Association (APA) targeting psychological researchers; suggests some ways forward; and ends with an unexpected plot twist: an APA journal invited me to join their editorial board while I was writing this APA-critical blog post…. Read more »

Becoming a journal editor in 15 minutes: a 3-step tutorial

To boost your academic career, early career researchers should consider picking up at least one associate editor position for a scientific journal. After all, spending countless hours on administrative duties will get you a long way in science. Below I provide a 15-minute 3-step tutorial on how you can easily do that, based on my… Read more »

Call for papers on PTSD symptomics

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I am very happy to announce that Cherie Armour and me are organizing a special issue for the European Journal of Psychotraumatology, together with the editor-in-chief Miranda Olff. In summary, we are looking for papers on: PTSD symptom networks, either on the level of groups or individuals, in cross-sectional or time-series data The stability of… Read more »