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Award for transformative early career contributions

About a year ago, the Association for Psychological Science awarded me with the Janet Taylor Spence Award for transformative early career contributions to psychological science. Given that I often move on too quickly into the next big thing rather than taking stock a little when good things happen, I wanted to write a short blog… Read more »

ERC Starting Grant on predicting depression onset

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I’m extremely happy, proud, humbled, and somewhat nervous announce that my application for an European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant was successful (on my first try!), following the announcement by the ERC today. The ERC Starting Grant is part of EU’s Research and Innovation programme, called Horizon 2020. The scheme was quite competitive this year,… Read more »

James Coyne sued me for cyberbullying

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In this blog, I first describe the formal complaint of Dr James Coyne against me, launched a week after my blog post about tone on social media in August 2017. Coyne claimed that I am “aligned with racism” and show “hostility towards patient populations”, concluding that “something needs to be done quickly”. Second, I discuss… Read more »

Assistant professor, APS rising star, and some papers

Three brief personal updates. After living in 6 countries in the last 12 years; after affairs and short relationships with Ludwig Maximilian’s University Munich, Free University Berlin, University of Michigan, Arizona State University, University of Leuven, and University of Amsterdam; and after 3 years as a very happy postdoc … I thought I should start… Read more »

Are we asking too much? A list of competencies people expect me to have

Working between disciplines is exciting, and I wouldn’t want to have it any other way. Psychology has become much more interdisciplinary in recent years, and there was a discussion today on social media whether psychologists should ‘know math’. This reminds me of the statement Plato had famously engraved at the door of his Academy in… Read more »

New postdoctoral position

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Starting in May 2014, I will be working as a postdoctoral research fellow on psychopathological network models with a focus on affective disorders in the ‘Research Group of Quantitative Psychology and Individual Differences’ at University of Leuven with Prof. Francis Tuerlinckx, in close collaboration with Prof. Denny Borsboom at University of Amsterdam.

Ph.D finished

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I successfully finished my Ph.D with summa cum laude! Thanks to everybody who supported me over the last years. You can find the online version of my dissertation “Covert Heterogeneity of Major Depressive Disorder: Depression Is More Than the Sum-Score of its Symptoms” (125 pages) here.